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:please: Please check out some of my work, even if it's terrible.


All the awesome art that I favour :)


Peridot by Goth-Girl-G
This is Moonstone's assistant, a Peridot.

I've been wanting to do a Peridot for a while because canon Peri is my favourite and I decided that this Peridot needed to be odd and wear a dress and heels. She's weird but adorable and I like her a lot. I would love for her to meet Peri and let her try out her limb enhancers.
Moonstone by Goth-Girl-G
Moonstone has something wrong with her gem. (Not broken, not corrupted. I'm trying to figure it out.) So, she can't walk or summon her weapon.

I'm actually quite pleased with her. She kind of reminds me of one of my favourite characters from "Black Butler" and I didn't even do it on purpose. I like her colour scheme and her hair and head things makes me happy! By the way, before whatever happened to her gem, her weapon was a slingshot that she would swing in the air and gather different energies that she would shoot at the enemy.

That's Moonstone. Keep her safe.
Hematite by Goth-Girl-G
Hematite is my pretty little thing with an odd gem placement and I love it!

Her weapon is a series of throwing knives!

I really wanted to do something that was pretty with a gown and gorgeous hair and that is EXACTLY what I attempted. She was originally supposed to be a little more colourful but I didn't like it so I made her darker and drained the saturation out of her dress. I'm pretty pleased with her.
Smokey Quartz by Goth-Girl-G
Smokey Quartz
I have made way too many gems! Here is another Quartz soldier.

Her weapon, I think, is a war hammer, because war hammers smash and smashing is fun.

I'm honestly iffy on this design, but she's a rambunctious soldier so she'll probably have to reform at some point, right? Right!
You know what that means!
That's right, I bloody remembered! These are the people who have stuck with me in life, either on the interwebs or on the outerwebs! So, without further delay, here we go!

The best buddy ever! You are one of few that has still kept up with me since I left for university and that means the world to me. We have had a lot of great memories of elevators, biking around nerds, and stealing all the droids. We have had all sorts of wonderful adventures, and I hope we will continue o have many adventures to come. You will always be my best and only "Buddy!"

My dear nerd friend. Many a time have we sat in the basement, watch anime, then quickly followed by the wonderful, yet slightly painful, repeating of dances. We have sat and geeked out over singing automatons and sweet, little, blue pearls. May we have more of these times to come, friend.

Dear Mama Spadey, who has chastised us for being up late, been concerned when we disappear for long periods of time, and give us grand moments of inspiration. I think we have grown even closer over the course of this past year, which, I think, is wonderful. Hopefully, we will still be good friends and be able to have some great moments together, someday.

We have shared in some great nerdiness and feels. We both started out in the world of RPing around the same time and now look at us! We have helped create some pretty awesome stories on LCP. Of course, I shall always remember when we were innocent little rolls with no idea what we were doing as we made Jupiter and Novella bounce about the city.

I know we don't talk that much anymore, but I still appreciate the fact that you still stuck around. You have been supportive of story ideas and have given some great ideas over the years. And I will always have those moments of two Goth sims doing silly things together and the two of us making stupid pairings with them. (Oh My gosh! Khou and Chaz is still one of my OTPs)

My dear friend who has given me way too much to fangirl over. I'm so glad that we have done so many stories and stuffs together because, my goodness, have they been wonderful! So many seels and ships and endless amounts of bloody everything! I still hope that we shall meet at the cirque someday with wonderful music and lots of circus food.

That is all for this year. The past couple of years, this has been timed when at least someone needed a pick-me-up. Therefore, I hope I had such timing this year.
Have a wonderful day, my loves, and I'll see you next year.
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The Steampunk Circus Geek
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United States
I'm Goth-Girl-Girl, you may call me G or Gothy, both are acceptable.
I have been an anime fan since I was 5, a video gamer since I was 6, and a hobby artist since I was 11.
I am a huge fan of steampunk and circus aesthetic, and enjoy drawing things with that style.
I also enjoy horror, sci-fi, comedy, and adventure!
You can find me under this name on YouTube, Tumblr, and SoundCloud.

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